100th Meeting– International Youth Leader Commission Invitation

Vendredi, 20. Octobre 2017 (All day) to Dimanche, 22. Octobre 2017 (All day)
Petange, Luxemburg

Dear Commissioners,

in the Annex you will be invited to the next meeting of the International Youth Leader Commission in Luxembourg.

Please note that the desired rooms are located directly in the hotel up to be booked on 6th October 2017.

As already discussed, we would like to invite former Commissioners on the occasion of the 100th Commission meeting. So that no one will forget, I ask for feedback, which former members of your nations are to be invited as honorable guests.

I then point out that the travel and accommodation costs must be taken over by the respective nation.

The Luxembourg airport can be used for arrival,  the Luxembourg Youth Fire Brigade arrange a transfer from the airport to the hotel.

The agenda will be available at a later date.

Kind regards

Jörn-Hendrik Kuinke
Chairman CTIF international Youth Leader Commission

Training of judges for the international Youth Fire Brigade competitions in 2017 of 14-16th October 2016 in Linz

Vendredi, 14. Octobre 2016 (All day) to Dimanche, 16. Octobre 2016 (All day)
LINZ, Upper-Austria

Ladies and gentlemen,
again to ensure a regular and youth-friendly review at the 21. International Youth Fire Brigades competitions in VILLACH 2017, but also to convey to the Competition Rules 7th edition of 2012 for the International Youth Fire Brigades competitions, will the reviewers offered a reviewer training as in previous years.

This reviewer training the reviewers of the National Fire Brigade associations given the opportunity, on the basic of practical exercises to gain experience but also to acquire knowledge about the handling of the Competition Rules.

Given the encouraging high power density are the winning groups in their results extremely tight at the top, so to view a regular review of decisive importance. In addition, all participating groups have the right to be objective and equally assessed or evaluated. It is therefore necessary that the evaluators to the 21th International Youth Fire Brigades competitions according VILLACH 2017 (Austria) are sent to participate in this training in the fall 2016. It intends to send only those Contributor which are also involved in the activities with the young firefighters in the National Fire Brigade associations.

These courses have been proven in the past, from 1996 to 2014 and again well as paving
the way for the next Contributor International Youth Fire Brigades competitions 2017
VILLACH, Austria.

Kind regards
BR Ignaz Mascha, eh.
Internationaler Jugendbewerbsleiter

Jörn-Hendrik Kuinke, eh.
Vorsitzender der IJLK des CTIF

13th symposium of the International Youth Leader Commission

Jeudi, 5. Mai 2016 (All day) to Dimanche, 8. Mai 2016 (All day)
Trento, Italy

Dear comrades,
by decision of the International Youth Leader Commission may I invite all national associations of CTIF fort he 13th symposium.

The organization of the 13th Symposium accepts the association of volunteer fire departments of the province Trentino (Italy).

Under the motto „Youth Fire Brigade – challenges of the future“ we want to work in workshops following topics:
1. Transfer oft he Youth Fire Brigade to active duty
2. Integration – challenges / opportunities ?
3. Youth Fire Brigade still has a future?
4. Challenges by children fire departements

Of Each national association can participate 3 teenagers and 2 carers.
The participation fee is 60,00 € per person.

Thursday, 5th May 2016 - Arrival till 18.00 Uhr
Friday, 6th May 2016 - Symposium
Saturday, 7th May 2016 - Symposium
Sunday, 8th Mai 2016 - Departure

The registration should done till 31th March 2016. Please give us the contact of the delegation
leader with attached table.

After registration you will get more information!

Kind regards

Jörn-Hendrik Kuinke
Internation Youth Leader Commission of CTIF

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93e séance - Commission des chefs de file international de la jeunesse – Invitation

Vendredi, 17. Avril 2015 (All day) to Dimanche, 19. Avril 2015 (All day)
Opole, Poland

Chers camarades, Je invite tout à fait cordialement invités à la prochaine réunion de la Commission internationale des jeunes dirigeants.

Jour: vendredi, 17. Avril 2015 dimanche, 19. Avril 2015
Zeit: Samedi, 18. Avril 2015 09.30 jusqu’a 18.00 horloge
Lieu: Hotel DeSilva Premium Opole, ul.- Powolnego 10, 45-078 Opole / Pologne
Tel.: +48 77 540 70 00
www. 4+ 48 77 540 70 8 77 5

Agenda: suit
Programme: voir annexe

Remarque: La conférence aura lieu en matière civile. Il ne est pas uniforme nécessaire pour les jours entiers.
Je vous souhaite à tous un bon voyage et nous commissaires une réunion constructive!

Jörn-Hendrik Kuinke

Youth fire brigade commission meetings 2015

Samedi, 25. Juillet 2015 (All day)
Vendredi, 16. Octobre 2015 (All day)

17. April till 19. April 2015 in Opole (Poland)

25. July 2015 in Opole (Poland)

16. October till 18. October 2015 in Portugal


XX. International Youth Fire Fighters Gathering

Dimanche, 19. Juillet 2015 (All day) to Dimanche, 26. Juillet 2015 (All day)
Opole, Poland

The announcement of the 20th International Youth Fire Fighters Gathering is made following approval by the executive council of the CTIF.

The 20th IYFG will take place from Sunday, July 19 through Sunday, 26 July 2015 in OPOLE / Poland, under the auspices of the International Youth Leaders Commission of CTIF.

The local Association of Volunteer Fire Departments of the Republic of Poland is responsible for the organisation of the event.

The organization's management for the CTIF accepts the chairman of the International Youth Leaders Commission, Jörn-Hendrik KUINKE.

The organization’s management of the competitions accepts the International Competition leader, BR Ignaz MASCHA, Austria.

The technical execution of the international youth firefighters competitions will be in compliance with the International Competition Rules for youth brigades (7th Edition May 2012) and the information from the judges’ training from 2014.

In case of differences in the interpretation of the rules, the competition GERMAN VERSION alone is valid.

This invitation is sent to all national fire service organizations of CTIF and it is hoped that as many organizations as possible send youth groups to the event.

Symposium CTIF

Jeudi, 29. Mai 2014 (All day) to Dimanche, 1. Juin 2014 (All day)

Le prochain symposium de la commission internationale des moniteurs du CTIF aura lieu du 29 mai au 1 juin 2014 à ECHTERNACH, Luxembourg. Chaque Nation pourra déléguer 5 personnes (3 jeunes sapeurs pompiers et 2moniteur). L’annonce du symposium vous sera transmise après la manifestation de Mulhouse.

Nous vous prions de prendre note de cette manifestation. Si votre Fédération envisage déjà maintenant de prendre part à cette manifestation, nous vous prions de nous faire le savoir par retour du courrier ou par e-mail à notre Président de la Commission Jos Tholl :

Nous vous remercions d’avance pour votre soutien.