Report of the 5 th meeting of the Working group " Women in Fire and Rescue service"

The 5 th meeting of the Working  group " Women in Fire and Rescue service " took place on 9.04-11.04.2014  in Helsinki .

Members from: 
Russia, Finland, Sweden, France, Serbia, Slovenia, Japan, Denmark took part in the meeting .

The agenda of the meeting:

1. Welcome Speech of the organizers (SPEK, Finland)
 - Kimmo Kohvakka , managing director .
2. Introduction of new members of the Working Group
3. Presentation of women's participation in the system of protection and rescue in Finland:
 - Matti Orrainen " The Finish... Read more

Protokoll der 16.Sitzung

Zu Besuch in Pribyslav

Vom 8. – 11. Oktober 2013 war die Ernst-Frenkel-Friedenstaube zu Gast bei der 16. Sitzung der CTIF-Geschichtekommission und der 21.Tagung der Internationalen Arbeitsgemeinschaft für Feuerwehr- und Brandschutzgechichte. Die zuständigeVizepräsidentin des CTIF Marketa Strinkova und die Kommissionsmitglieder haben sich gerne mit der Friedenstaube porträtieren lassen. Sie unterstreichen damit den völkerverbindenden Gedanken des CTIF und seiner Feuerwehrhistoriker.


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Minutes of the first meeting of the CTIF working group Volunteer firefighters

La première rencontre du groupe de travail CTIF de „sapeurs-pompiers volontaires“ avait lieu à Salzbourg / Autriche, le 14. fevrier 2014. Le CTIF-groupe de travail se comprend comme réunion d`intérets et de communications de toutes les associations de sapeurs-pompiers volontaires au regard d`articuler et d`exprimer les conditions principales pour le maintient et l`encouragment des pompiers volontaires. Quoique les systèmes des sapeurs pompiers volontaires des pays soient différents, on peut quand-même trouver des intérêts communs comme par exemple la protéction par la loi des pompiers... Read more

Professional Female firefighters HkBm and KIR

Here is the presentation that Mona Hjortzberg showed during the CTIF meeting in Stockholm, about professional female firefighters.

Emergency driving, a risk that is always present during turn-outs

This video is a short version of a 90 sekunder documentary from a fatal accident with a fire truck in Sweden July 2012, where two firefighters were killed and three others were injured.

Meeting minutes

Minutes of Fire Prevention commission meeting, held from 18.6.2013 to 19.6.2013 in Fjelldal, Norway.


The reports of the CTIF History Commission are available in the database of the Centre for Research in fire protection technology and can be downloaded free of charge.