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Past CTIF events

Lundi, 11. Mai 2015 (All day), Vendredi, 15. Mai 2015 (All day)

Fire Prevention Commission meeting in U.S.A.

Dear CTIF community!

CTIF Fire Prevention Commission will hold our annual meeting where we discuss fire prevention issues related to fire brigades and general population. The 2015 meeting will be in Boston, US from May 13 to May 15.
This year our key issues will focus on fire risks and households active fire protection systems. Our hosts this year are NFPA and FM.

CTIF Fire Prevention Commission is looking for new members that will contribute to successful commission work. Among the major CTIF Fire Prevention Commission goals are:

 *   examine fire... Read more

Lundi, 27. Avril 2015 (All day) to Mardi, 28. Avril 2015 (All day)


Welcome to the meeting for the Commission - Women in Fire and Rescue Services, 27th - 28th April 2015 in Stockholm

The meeting will be held in Stockholm on April 27 – 28, 2015.
Date of arrival is on April 26
Date of meeting is on April 27 – 28
Date of departure is on April 29

The agenda of the meeting is not on detailed level yet, but since we now are a CTIF Commission, there has to be a formal process of electing a chairman for this new element of CTIF. The background and the process is described in the attached document.

The... Read more

Vendredi, 17. Avril 2015 (All day) to Dimanche, 19. Avril 2015 (All day)

93rd meeting of the International Youth Leader Commission Invitation

Chers camarades, Je invite tout à fait cordialement invités à la prochaine réunion de la Commission internationale des jeunes dirigeants.

Jour: vendredi, 17. Avril 2015 dimanche, 19. Avril 2015
Zeit: Samedi, 18. Avril 2015 09.30 jusqu’a 18.00 horloge
Lieu: Hotel DeSilva Premium Opole, ul.- Powolnego 10, 45-078 Opole / Pologne
Tel.: +48 77 540 70 00
www. Desilva.pl/opolefsdou 4+ 48 77 540 70 8 77 5

Agenda: suit
Programme: voir annexe

Remarque: La conférence aura lieu en matière civile. Il ne est pas uniforme nécessaire pour les jours entiers.
Je vous... Read more

Mardi, 13. Janvier 2015 (All day) to Jeudi, 15. Janvier 2015 (All day)

CTIF Forest fires Commission Meeting

The CTIF-forest fires Commission meets on 13 and 15 January 2015 at the Center of Valabre in France WWW.ENTENTE-VALABRE.COM

The purpose of this meeting is to define together the objectives and  organization of this Commission. In particular it should be designated the Chairman of the Commission and shall be developed the issues upon which put the emphasis in the coming years.

You find attached the program and the registration form

For any information contact the following addresses.

For accommodation and transfer from airport: ... Read more

Jeudi, 6. Novembre 2014 (All day)

2nd meeting of the CTIF Working Group „Voluntary Fire Service“

Dear members of the CTIF working group “Voluntary Fire Service”!

In coordination with the Fire Service Association of Croatia I may kindly invite you to attend the second meeting of the CTIF working group “voluntary fire service” which will be held on Thursday, November 6 th 2014 in Split, Croatia. Further details and a separated official invitation will be s ent out within the next weeks.

Please mind that necessary visa applications might take some time. If you have any questions in the meantime please contact Mr. Alexander Froeschl (... Read more

Mardi, 30. Septembre 2014 (All day) to Samedi, 4. Octobre 2014 (All day)

22nd meeting of the International Study Group for the History of the Fire Service and the Fire Protection

The 22nd meeting of the International Study Group for the History of the Fire Service and the Fire Protection is from 30th of Sept. till 4th of Oct. 2014 in Celle / Germany.

Conference Topic: Fire Brigade Schools.

Within this meeting we have the meeting of  the history commission on Oct. 1st 2014.

Lundi, 29. Septembre 2014 (All day)

Appeal of International Conference

Here is the final document of the joint work of Commission " Women in fire and Rescue service " and " International Conference for Women Volunteer Firefighters", which took place in Tokyo, 28.09-1.10. This document is very important for all the firefighting community .

Appeal of International Conference for Women Volunteer Firefighters

September 29, 2014

1. In responding to various natural disasters and terrorism etc., of course including fires, women in the fire services shall play an even more active part in order to protect families and secure their communities... Read more

Dimanche, 28. Septembre 2014 (All day) to Mercredi, 1. Octobre 2014 (All day)

International Conference for Woman Volunteer Firefighters

The sixth meeting of the Women in Fire and Rescue Services Working Group will be held in Japan in the morning of September 29, 2014. In the afternoon, Japan Firefighters Association will also organize a symposium (International Conference for Woman Volunteer Firefighters).

The meeting and symposium will be held in Tokyo, at Toshi Center Hotel (address 2-4-1
Hirakawa-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 102-0093).

Please find enclosed the program, agenda and application form with instructions concerning
the accommodation.

Mercredi, 4. Juin 2014 (All day) to Jeudi, 5. Juin 2014 (All day)

Invitation to Fire Prevention Commission meeting SPEK Course and Campcenter

The CTIF Fire prevention commission was founded in 2001 in order to promote fire prevention activities among the CTIF community and wider. One of the mayor commission goals is to examine fire safety in building, analyze general fire safety rules, regulations and codes and promote fire safety culture in order to reduce fire deaths, injuries and fire damages.  

The CTIF Fire prevention commission is trying to encourage and promote the cooperation between fire services, fire prevention associations, insurances and governmental bodies around the world, representing 36... Read more

Jeudi, 29. Mai 2014 (All day) to Dimanche, 1. Juin 2014 (All day)

CTIF IJLK Symposium

Le prochain symposium de la commission internationale des moniteurs du CTIF aura lieu du 29 mai au 1 juin 2014 à ECHTERNACH, Luxembourg. Chaque Nation pourra déléguer 5 personnes (3 jeunes sapeurs pompiers et 2moniteur). L’annonce du symposium vous sera transmise après la manifestation de Mulhouse.

Nous vous prions de prendre note de cette manifestation. Si votre Fédération envisage déjà maintenant de prendre part à cette manifestation, nous vous prions de nous faire le savoir par retour du courrier ou par e-mail à notre Président de la Commission Jos Tholl :... Read more