Rescue Code

Desin'car is a French company created by Laurent Mahut who developed the program rescuecode available for download for tablets or smartphones (ios, android, windowsphone).
RescueCode solution allows rescuers to consult in 3 seconds useful informations for extrication from the 1 500 rescue sheets already available.
The "rescuecode" provides access to records extrication vehicles of all brands. The updates are made regularly.
Access to records is done by scanning a QRCode on the vehicle.
A manually searching engine is integrated to the Rescuecode program. It allows to access their vehicle Rescue sheet by filling its brand and model, in cases where a vehicle is not equipped with QRCode.
Our solution does not depend on the network coverage (3G). All rescue sheets are stored in the internal database.
The application is completely free for all rescuers and updates to come also.
The application is currently available in French but will be available in English, German and Spanish soon.
Renault equips its vehicles with QRCodes since 2014. We hope that other manufacturers will follow.