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How to become a member?

How to become a member:

There are two types of memberships,
-memberships for Nations-Countries, so called Ordinary members.
-memberships for private companies, associations or personal memberships, so called Associate members

Membership fees:
Ordinary members pay an annual fee based on the population, the number of inhabitants in the country.

An Ordinary member is expected to set up a National CTIF committee.

The National committees form the basic democratic foundation of CTIF.
Only Ordinary members are entitled to participate in the decision-making processes through votings.

Associate members pay a fixed annual fee of 800 eur.
An Associate member can also decide on entering the voluntary Sponsorship program with additional involvement and benefits.
Associated members can send experts to the Commissions and Working groups and participate in the work.

For detailed information, please read the Statutes posted here in English, French and German.

For questions: Contact the CTIF Office