Delegates Assembly summary

The CTIF Delegates Assembly and symposium 2015 took place in Zagreb, Croatia. The Croatian organisers had gone to great lengths to create an entirely successful event with conference arrangements that ensured smooth running and ideal conditions for productive meetings as well as providing great cultural and culinaric nourishment for all. The program also included a reception hosted by the mayor of Zagreb, Mr. Milan Bandic. Our heartfelt thanks go to CTIF Vice President Ante Sanader, Mario Stracevic and their team in Zagreb.

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International Conference for Woman Volunteer Firefighters - Conference Report

Conference took place on 29th September 2014 at Toshi Center Hotel in Tokyo, Japan.

Les Guides Départementaux Opérationnels de Référence du SDIS de la Vienne

Au sommaire :

  • 1ère partie : généralités sur les véhicules
  • 2ème partie : véhicules hybrides (VEH) et électriques (VE)
  • 3ème partie : véhicules au GPLc
  • 4ème partie : véhicules au GNV
  • 5ème partie : véhicules à H2
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Minutes of Nordic meeting – rescue and firefighting at airports

Minutes of Nordic meeting – rescue and firefighting at airports, which was taking place on March 18th–19th 2015 in Reykjavik.

Newsletter 2015 - August

Chers amis et collègues,

Voici le CTIF Août Nouvelles maintenant traduit dans un document commun.
S'il vous plaît noter les informations sur la directive européenne sur le temps de travail et de la lettre d'appui pour le projet ISO.

Best regards
Tore Eriksson, President

Results of the 20th International Young Firefighters Competition 2015

Ergebnisliste / Results / Liste de résultats
20. Internationaler Jugendfeuerwehrbewerb 2015 / Opole, Polen
20th International Young Firefighters Competition 2015 / Opole, Poland
20ème Concours International des JSP 2015 en Opole, Pologne

Important information on the European Working Time Directive

Note of Meeting with Cabinet of Commissioner Marianne THYSSEN, 29 June 2015 Berlaymont, BRUSSELS.

CTIF Commission Extrication & New Technology

After a successful ISO kick-off meeting in Brussels on the 3th-4th of February 2015, attended by more than 40 participants from vehicle manufacturers and Fire & Rescue Services, the CTIF Commission for Extrication & New Technology left his footprint on the 5th of May in Paris. The chairman Tom Van Esbroeck managed to lead the face-to-face ISO meeting  ‘Working group 7 + Taskforce rescue information’ into the right direction.

What is it all about?

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