CTIF events

Jeudi, 5. Mai 2016 (All day) to Dimanche, 8. Mai 2016 (All day)

13th symposium of the International Youth Leader Commission

Dear comrades,
by decision of the International Youth Leader Commission may I invite all national associations of CTIF fort he 13th symposium.

The organization of the 13th Symposium accepts the association of volunteer fire departments of the province Trentino (Italy).

Under the motto „Youth Fire Brigade – challenges of the future“ we want to work in workshops following topics:
1. Transfer oft he Youth Fire Brigade to active duty
2. Integration – challenges / opportunities ?
3. Youth Fire Brigade still has a future?
4. Challenges by children fire departements... Read more

Mardi, 24. Mai 2016 (All day) to Jeudi, 26. Mai 2016 (All day)

Spring meeting CTIF Commission for Extrication and New Technology

Mercredi, 30. Mars 2016 (All day) to Dimanche, 3. Avril 2016 (All day)

CTIF HazMat Commission Meeting in Trogir/Croatia

Preliminary Program


Wednesday March 30th 2016

Jeudi, 14. Avril 2016 (All day) to Vendredi, 15. Avril 2016 (All day)

Invitation to the 9th meeting of Women in fire and rescue services-commission

The meeting will be held on the 14th – 15th April 2016 in Warsaw and our meeting venue will be The Main School of Fire Service.The address of the school is ul. Słowackiego 52/54 Warszawa/ Slowackiego street n°52/54 Warsaw.


Draft agenda for the 8th meeting

Thursday 14th – Friday 15th April 2015, 0900 hours  to 1700 hours - every day we have 2 coffee breaks and one lunch... Read more

Dimanche, 6. Mars 2016 (All day) to Mardi, 8. Mars 2016 (All day)

3 rd meeting of the CTIF Working Group „Voluntary Fire Service“

Dear members of the CTIF working group “Voluntary Fire Service”!

In coordination with the Fire Service Association of Switzerland I may kindly invite you to attend the third meeting of the CTIF working group “voluntary fire service” which will be held on Monday, March 7th 2016 in Lenzburg, Switzerland.

Further details and a separated official invitation will be s ent out in January 2016.

Arrival: March 6 th 2016
Departure: March 8 th 2016
Conference language: German

The migration movement and related activities for voluntary fire brigades will... Read more

Mercredi, 9. Décembre 2015 (All day) to Jeudi, 10. Décembre 2015 (All day)

Invitation commission meeting & symposium

Program and the information for the participants

Day 1:  December, 8
Arrival at airport Rome (Ciampino Apt.) : arrangements for transfer to ISA.
The accommodation at ISA is free of charge for the commission members.
(partners are not allowed to stay in the fire school).

Day 2: December, 9
Symposium organised by the Italian FF and our Commission for Extrication & New Technology.  There is no fee to be... Read more

Lundi, 19. Octobre 2015 (All day) to Mardi, 20. Octobre 2015 (All day)

Invitation to the 7th meeting of Women in fire and rescue services commission


Draft agenda for the 7th meeting Monday 19th – Tuesday 20th October 2015, 09:00 hours to 17:00 hours:

1. Introduction of participants
2. Approval of the agenda for the meeting
3. Approval of the minutes from the meeting in Stockholm, April 2015
4. Presentation from the Working Groups (Operational Firefighters and other roles in Fire and Rescue Services (FRSs))
Operational Firefighters: what kind of support do FRSs offer their employees in 24/7 shifts? (Mona Hjortzberg)
The aim is to summarize the support available.
Other roles in FRSs: what other roles... Read more

Lundi, 19. Octobre 2015 -
9:00 to 16:00

Kommissionssitzung Wettbewerbe

Im Zuge der Vorbereitung der XVI. Internationalen Feuerwehrwettbewerbe des CTIF 2017 und der XXI. Internationalen Jugendbegegnung des CTIF 2017 findet unsere nächste Sitzung am Austragungsort in/bei Villach/Kärnten/Österreich statt.
Somit bietet sich die Möglichkeit, die Region und die Stadt Villach, die Veranstaltungsstätten, sowie die verantwortlichen Organisatoren unserer Großveranstaltung schon einmal kennenzulernen.

Mit diesem Schreiben lade ich deshalb herzlich ein zur Kommissionssitzung Wettbewerbe am Montag, 19. Oktober 2015 im Hause der Feuerwehr Villach, Kasernengasse 3... Read more

Mercredi, 21. Octobre 2015 (All day) to Vendredi, 30. Octobre 2015 (All day)

Annual meeting 2015

Chers Collègues,

Veuillez trouver ci-joint ici l'invitation, le programme et le formulaire d'inscription de la réunion 2015 de la commission santé & secours du CTIF.

Les délégations seront logés à Radisson Blu Béke Hôtel (www.radissonblu.com/hotel-budapest) Le prix sont EUR 95 (chambre double pour une personne) et EUR 105 (chambre double pour deux personnes).

Nous vous invitons à renvoyer dès que possible et avant le 30 Septembre le formulaire d'inscription pour la bonne organisation de la réunion. Plus de... Read more

Jeudi, 10. Septembre 2015 (All day) to Samedi, 12. Septembre 2015 (All day)

Hazardous materials commission 46th meeting

To all representatives of the CTIF Hazardous Materials Commission

Dear Representative!

On behalf of the Polish Association, we hereby formally invite you to the 46 th CTIF Hazardous Materials Commission meeting. The meeting will take place from 10 th - 12 th September 2015 in Warsaw, Poland.
We will discuss the standard items of the commission (lessons learned and national reports) and also the products of the working groups.

The following topics from our last meetings will be also taken up by us in Warsaw:

  • Response to LNG incidents
  • Review of Ebola... Read more