Newsletter 2016 - spring

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Delegates Assembly summary

The CTIF Delegates Assembly and symposium 2015 took place in Zagreb, Croatia. The Croatian organisers had gone to great lengths to create an entirely successful event with conference arrangements that ensured smooth running and ideal conditions for productive meetings as well as providing great cultural and culinaric nourishment for all. The program also included a reception hosted by the mayor of Zagreb, Mr. Milan Bandic. Our heartfelt thanks go to CTIF Vice President Ante Sanader, Mario Stracevic and their team in Zagreb.

The Delegates Assembly was presented with a number of reports from the Commissions and the Executive Committee and the CTIF Statistics Centre, which all gave evidence of the extensive activities in the past year. Some of the presentations will be available on our web site.

One of the presentations given was on the topic of research. CTIF is currently deeply involved in several projects and the DA decided to further strengthen CTIF’s position in research in Europe. Former VP Dennis Davis will continue to lead CTIF’s participation in EU-projects.


As four vice presidents completed their terms this year, four new vice presidents had to be elected. The DA elected Donald Bliss, USA, Milan Dubravac, Solovenia, Ole Hansen, Norway and Zdenek Nytra from the Czech Republic. We are convinced they will make great contributions to CTIF in their new roles as vice presidents and members of the Executive Committee.

The DA also re-elected General Secretary Michel Bour and vice president Ante Sanader.

The four vice presidents who left their positions this year are Aleksander Churpryan, Russia, Dennis Davis, UK, Luther Fincher, USA and Marketa Strzinkova. We thank them for their great dedication and service to the organisation. The DA decided to appoint the four honorary members of CTIF.

Best Practice Procedures

For the first time in history, CTIF gave out an award for Best Practice Procedures. Michel Gentilleau, France was given the award for the outstanding work he and his colleague Serge Delauney have carried out regarding new energies and vehicles.

Delegates Assembly 2016 in Finland

Lastly, Pentti Partanen, chair of the Finnish national committee, gave a presentation of the preparations of the Delegates Assembly meeting in 2016, which will take place in Helsinki Finland, 7-9 September. We are sure it will be another great CTIF event!


The symposium offered interesting presentations on a variety of topics ranging from SMART technology to statistics, drones and disaster response, to give a few examples. The presentations clearly showed that there is a lot of phenomenal development in the firefighting area and that CTIF has an important role to play as disseminator of information. The presentations will be available on our website shortly.

Thank you!

We would like to thank all those who participated at the DA and the symposium, the presenters, the exhibitors and the organisers and hope to see you soon again! In the meantime we all continue our work to further improve the world of firefighting.

Tore Eriksson
CTIF President

Newsletter 2015 - August


Dear friends and colleagues.

Here is the August CTIF News now translated into a joint document.
Please note the information on the EU Working Time Directive and the letter of support for the ISO project.

Best regards
Tore Eriksson, President

Support letter

The Commission for "Extrication and New Technology" works within ‘ISO’ (the International Organization for Standardization) to be able to harmonize information and training for the rescue services in the field by leading the ISO Working group 7 + Taskforce rescue information.

To strengthen our initiative, the Commission is now asking to the CTIF Delegates to consider their support by signing this support letter.

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Candidates 2015

Re-election candidates

Vice President

Mr. Ante Sanader, Croatia

Mr. Sanader currently holds the positions of President of the Croatian Firefighters Association and President of the Croatian National Committee for Prevention and Extinction of Fire. He has extensive experience from the firefighting profession.

"Through my engagement in the Executive Committee of the CITF I would like to achieve improvements in the trans-border cooperation between fire-fighting organizations, especially through strengthening the expert and financial position of CTIF." – Ante Sanader


General Secretary

Mr. Michel Bour, France

Mr. Bour currently holds the position of Director of the Departmental Fire and Rescue Service of the Upper-Rhine Department.

His aims are: "To continue the General Secretary's work,to be at the CTIFservice and be closewith the Presidentand the Executive Committee and take part in the dynamics of the CTIF to reach the entrusted goals." – Michel Bour


New Vice President candidates

Leonid Belyaev, Russia

Mr. Belyaev currently holds the position of Head of Main EMERCOM City Unit of St Petersburg. He has more than 30 years of experience from the firefighting profession. He takes an active part in the work of the Russian CITF Committee.


Donald Bliss, USA

Mr Bliss currently holds the position of Vice President for Field Operations at the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and is the President of the US delegation to CTIF.

He has served in numerous fire and life safety positions, including but not limited to a local fire chief, a state fire marshal and the President of the National Association of State Fire Marshals.


Milan Dubravac, Slovenia

Mr. Dubravac currently holds the position of Fire Chief at Ljubljana Airport. He is also the Information Manager of CTIF and a member of the Slovenian National Command Board at the Fire Association Slovenia as well as a commander of Voluntary Fire Service. Mr. Dubravac has been in the firefighting profession since 1987.


Ole Hansen, Norway

Mr. Hansen currently holds the position of Senior Adviser in the field of rescue and firefighting. He formerly served as Head of the Rescue and Firefighting Department at Oslo Airport and has worked in the fire and rescue service for many years. Mr. Hansen is currently the chairperson of the Fire and Rescue at Airports Commission and the President of the National CTIF Committee of Norway.


Zdenek Nytra, Czech Republic

Mr. Nytra currently holds the position of Director at the Fire Rescue Service of the Moravian-Silesian Region. Mr. Nytra has been involved in the CTIF competitions for many years and his interests lie especially with the competitions and in the field of extrication and new technology.


Tom Van Esbroeck

Mr. Van Esbroeck currently holds the positions of Director of Education, Training and Exercise at the Professional Fire and Rescue Service of Ghent and Fire Station Manager at the Voluntary Fire and Rescue Service of Ninove. Mr. Van Esbroeck also serves as an expert to the Belgian government and to the Flemish Federation. In 2013 he took up the position of chairperson of the CTIF Extrication and New Technology Commission.

Ante Sanader

In memoriam of Erwin Wiederin

Erwin Wiederin has passed away at the age of 88 years. Mr. Wiederin was a longtime regional fire inspector and the head of the National Fire Service Association between 1966 and 1991 and for many years he served as the auditor of CTIF.

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