CTIF bodies

CTIF’s decision organs are the Delegates’ Assembly (yearly meeting) and the Executive Committee.

CTIF Delegates’ Assembly

  • decides on the main policies, actions and projects to be carried out by CTIF, and is responsible for electing the members of the Executive Committee every four years (President, General Secretary, Treasurer and Vice-Presidents). The Assembly is organised once a year by one of the CTIF member nations, usually in September.

CTIF Executive Committee

  • meets at least twice a year to follow up CTIF actions, projects and the work of CTIF commissions and to prepare proposals to be submitted to the Delegates’ Assembly.

    These are the current members of the Executive Committee:
    President: Tore ERIKSSON
    General Secretary: Michel BOUR
    Treasurer: Marc Mamer
    Vice president: Don Bliss
    Vice president: Milan Dubravac
    Vice president: Ole Hansen
    Vice president: Zdenek Nytra
    Vice president: Ante Sanader
    Vice president: Hubert Vetter

CTIF Commissions

CTIF is organised around thematical commissions but also regional and ad hoc working groups which enclose several countries and debate around current topics linked with the fire fighting world:

  • European Union
  • Fire and Rescue on Airports
  • Fire Prevention
  • Forest Fires
  • Hazardous materials
  • History
  • People rescue (Fire Brigade Health Services)
  • Youth Leaders (Youth Fire Brigades)
  • International Fire Brigades Competitions
  • Volunteer fire fighters
  • Women in Fire Services

Working groups:

  • Educatioin and Training
  • CTIF-Statistik Zentrum
  • Fire Investigation
  • Regional working groups:
    Danube countries