About CTIF

CTIF was founded in 1900 in Paris for encouraging and promoting co-operation among fire fighters and other experts in fire and rescue throughout the world. CTIF stands for International Technical Committee for the Prevention and Extinction of Fire, and is nowadays recognised as the International Association of Fire and Rescue Services.

CTIF has 36member countries as ordinary members and nearly 50 associate members, among them several private and public organisations such as fire quipment manufacturers, fire and rescue associations and training centres.

In the core of our actions
CTIF organises international conferences which are well known from Boston to Lisbon and Oslo to Sidney.
CTIF is also famous for the
international competitions it organises every two years. These competitions are attended bymore than 3.000 fire fighters and youth fire brigades from around the world.
CTIF also contributes to the
development of youth fire brigades: in Europe, over a million young boys and girls -this figure has doubled over the past ten years- are involved in these activities that aim at giving them an overview of rescue and fire fighting skills, leading many of them to eventually join the fire service.

CTIF develops comprehensive world fire statistics by publishing annual reports which offer up-to-date data on fire issues from 80 different countries and 90 capital cities.

In short: CTIF is the international fire and rescue competency and information network, representing five million fire fighters who protect a population of one billion people every day.

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