Invitation to the 7th meeting of Women in fire and rescue services commission

Monday, 19. October 2015 (All day) to Tuesday, 20. October 2015 (All day)
London, United Kingdom


Draft agenda for the 7th meeting Monday 19th – Tuesday 20th October 2015, 09:00 hours to 17:00 hours:

1. Introduction of participants
2. Approval of the agenda for the meeting
3. Approval of the minutes from the meeting in Stockholm, April 2015
4. Presentation from the Working Groups (Operational Firefighters and other roles in Fire and Rescue Services (FRSs))
Operational Firefighters: what kind of support do FRSs offer their employees in 24/7 shifts? (Mona Hjortzberg)
The aim is to summarize the support available.
Other roles in FRSs: what other roles are available for women other than operational? (Rita Kirsebom)
The aim is to summarize and describe what roles available in FRSs.
5. Next issues for the Working Groups
6. Presentation from each country (5 - 7 minutes per country). What is going on right now in respective country to promote women in Fire and Rescue Services? (the participants are asked to summarise and send their presentations in beforehand)
7. Any other business
     a. Correspondence received
     b. Expectations from and guidelines for future hosts of the Commission.
8. Date of next meeting

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