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Dimanche, 14. Juillet 2013 (All day) to Dimanche, 21. Juillet 2013 (All day)

CTIF 2013 Mulhouse

XV ième Concours International des Sapeurs-Pompiers
XIX ième Rencontre Internationale des Jeunes Sapeurs-pompiers

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Jeudi, 18. Juillet 2013 (All day)

International scientific meeting of the CTIF Health Commission

Dans le cadre des rencontres internationales organisées en France du 15 au 21 juillet 2013, la Commission Santé du CTIF en partenariat avec la Société Européenne de Médecine Sapeur-Pompier organise une journée scientifique internationale le 18/07/2013.

Le programme de cette journée est le suivant :

9h Ouverture de la journée par le Président du CTIF et le... Read more

Mardi, 3. Décembre 2013 (All day) to Mercredi, 4. Décembre 2013 (All day)

Start up meeting for the new group COMMISSION FOR EXTRICATION & NEW TECHNOLOGY

For the participants the organizers can offer a room and breakfast for a special price: €135,00
On the 3th of December the Center of Expertise is offering lunch in the evening in the famous restaurant ‘Het Pand’ in the historical center of Ghent.
To participate in the meeting please send the notification to:
Tom Van Esbroeck
e-mail: tom.VanEsbroeck@Gent.be
and with copy to:
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Jeudi, 13. Février 2014 (All day) to Samedi, 15. Février 2014 (All day)

Invitation CTIF Meeting WG voluntary fire service

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

on behalf of CTIF Vice-President Fire Chief Hubert Vetter I may forward the invitation and the agenda of the first meeting of the CTIF working group „voluntary fire service“ which will take place in the City of Salzburg, Austria from February 13th to February 15th. In case of participation please book your hotel room until February 1st (please see the attached invitation for further details) and confirm your attendance with a short message to froeschl@... Read more

Lundi, 17. Février 2014 (All day) to Mardi, 18. Février 2014 (All day)

Executive Committee meeting

Mercredi, 2. Avril 2014 (All day) to Jeudi, 3. Avril 2014 (All day)

Meeting CTIF Forest fires Commission 2-3 april 2014 in Lugano (Switzerland)

Mercredi, 28. Mai 2014 (All day) to Jeudi, 29. Mai 2014 (All day)

Vienna meeting 2014

Commission for Extrication and New Technologie
28 and 29 May 2014, Vienna, Austria
Time schedule proposal

27. May 2014
Arrival in Vienna

28. May 2014
09:00: start of the commission meeting in the central fire station of Vienna
11:45: diner in the fire station
17:30: end of day
20:00 : diner offered by austrian fire brigade federation

29. May 2014
8:30: start of day 2 meeting in the central fire station of Vienna.
12:00: diner in the fire station
13:... Read more

Mercredi, 28. Mai 2014 (All day) to Jeudi, 29. Mai 2014 (All day)

Extrication and New Energy Commission VIENNA MEETING

The CTIF Commission for "Extrication and New Technology" is trying to encourage and promote the cooperation between fire services and other emergency services around the world, representing 36 different countries via CTIF.

In the next few years, the commission wants to focus primarily on the development and exchange of “best practices” regarding extrication techniques for vehicles on alternative energy (Hydrogen, Electric, CNG, LNG, Li ION batteries, Super Capacitors etc)..

Besides exchanging experience, the commission also wants to draw up standard operational procedures... Read more

Jeudi, 29. Mai 2014 (All day) to Dimanche, 1. Juin 2014 (All day)

CTIF IJLK Symposium

Le prochain symposium de la commission internationale des moniteurs du CTIF aura lieu du 29 mai au 1 juin 2014 à ECHTERNACH, Luxembourg. Chaque Nation pourra déléguer 5 personnes (3 jeunes sapeurs pompiers et 2moniteur). L’annonce du symposium vous sera transmise après la manifestation de Mulhouse.

Nous vous prions de prendre note de cette manifestation. Si votre Fédération envisage déjà maintenant de prendre part à cette manifestation, nous vous prions de nous faire le savoir par retour du courrier ou par e-mail à notre Président de la Commission Jos Tholl :... Read more

Mercredi, 4. Juin 2014 (All day) to Jeudi, 5. Juin 2014 (All day)

Invitation to Fire Prevention Commission meeting SPEK Course and Campcenter

The CTIF Fire prevention commission was founded in 2001 in order to promote fire prevention activities among the CTIF community and wider. One of the mayor commission goals is to examine fire safety in building, analyze general fire safety rules, regulations and codes and promote fire safety culture in order to reduce fire deaths, injuries and fire damages.  

The CTIF Fire prevention commission is trying to encourage and promote the cooperation between fire services, fire prevention associations, insurances and governmental bodies around the world, representing 36... Read more